Intellectual property

Trademark law

HELLEBOID & ASSOCIÉS assists clients wishing to register a trademark with the INPI (French National Industrial Property Institute) or the EUIPO (in the European Union).

The purpose of registering a trademark is to protect the company's identity, develop its image and guarantee customers the origin of its products and services . A trademark can take any form (word, phrase, sign, design, etc.) and must be distinctive to be protected. Registering a trademark enables a company to protect itself against any risk of counterfeiting.

HELLEBOID & ASSOCIÉS is in a position to initiate the necessary proceedings to stop any act of unfair competition or any infringement of the distinctive signs of its clients' businesses, such as their trademark or trade name.

Droit des marques à Saint-Tropez
Droit d'auteur à Saint-Tropez


HELLEBOID & ASSOCIÉS is also competent to defend works of the mind protected by copyright , and in particular the moral and economic rights associated with them.

HELLEBOID & ASSOCIÉS assists authors wishing to organize the commercial use of their work by negotiating and drafting any useful agreements, such as licenses or assignments of copyright.

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