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Real estate sales disputes

Given the high stakes involved in real estate transactions on the Saint-Tropez peninsula, sellers and buyers alike need to be vigilant from the outset of discussions right through to the final sale of their property.

All stages of the sale must be carefully analyzed by the parties and their advisors, when signing a sale or search mandate with a real estate agency, and then during discussions between the parties, which may involve them even before signing an offer to purchase and its acceptance.

The HELLEBOID & ASSOCIÉS law firm has developed real expertise in dealing with conflicts that may arise in this sector of activity, from the negotiation stage through to the conclusion of the promise to sell drawn up by the notary, the monitoring of the fulfilment of suspensive conditions in accordance with the formalities laid down in the preliminary contract, or the signing of the deed of sale entailing the transfer of ownership.

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Construction disputes

The high volume of real estate transactions in the Var region has led to intense activity in the building sector, whether for construction, extension or renovation work.

In the event of difficulties arising from the failure to complete all the work ordered by the client, the latter is entitled to a Garantie de Parfait Achèvement (“perfect completion guarantee”) guarantee, which enables him to obtain execution of any work not completed by the time the building is handed over.

HELLEBOID & ASSOCIÉS is able to provide its clients, whether building contractors or owners, with the benefit of its experience in the field of construction law, in the event of disputes relating either to the perfect completion of the work, or to the occurrence of consequential defects . They help their clients in their dealings with companies or their insurers, or in legal proceedings.

Urban planning disputes

The Saint-Tropez peninsula has preserved its authenticity thanks to its town planning regulations.

Valérie HELLEBOID and Thomas APÉRY are qualified to act before France's administrative courts . Litigation concerning property located in the Saint-Tropez region is handled by the Toulon administrative court and then by the Marseille administrative court of appeal.

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